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University of Athens

 The Department of Informatics and Telecommunication - University of Athens

The Department of Informatics belongs to the School of Applied Sciences and was
founded in 1989. It consists of three divisions: Computer Science, Computer
Systems and Applications, and, Telecommunications and Signal Processing.

Communication Networks Laboratory (CNL)

The Communication Networks Laboratory was founded in 1994 as a research unit of
the Telecommunications and Signal Processing division of the Department of
Informatics and Telecommunications. During the past years, CNL has been
actively involved in a number of international projects, funded mainly by the
European Commission, as well as national projects, funded by several Greek
Ministries or other organisations. The main foc
us of such projects was in the
area of Mobile/Wireless Communications, Multimedia Communications and Protocol
Specification/Testing. CNL has a very close relationship and interaction with
the Network Operations Centre (NOC) of the University of Athens.

URLs: Department of Informatics and Telecommunications:
Communication Networks Laboratory:


Alcatel SEL AG


ALCATEL SEL AG, is one of the most important Telecom researchers and manufacturers in Germany, is a major subsidiary of ALCATEL Telecom, the world's largest telecommunications manufacturer (which belongs to ALCATEL Alsthom).  ALCATEL SEL AG covers the key area "Communications" within the ALCATEL Alsthom Group. With sales of DM 5.6 billion, ALCATEL SEL AG ranks among the 5 largest companies in Communications and Electrical Engineering in Germany.  With a range from line transmission systems to public switching systems, business systems, or components, ALCATEL SEL AG offers full-service for complex communications facilities and accompany systems from planning phase throughout their entire service life.  Public switching systems from ALCATEL SEL AG are in use in over 40 countries worldwide. ALCATEL SEL AG provides global solutions for today –and tomorrow’s – information world.  Its portfolio covers all the main building blocks for communication networks, meeting the market needs.  Its ultimate aim is to meet every need from basic telephony in remote areas to highly sophisticated multimedia networks.



 CSEM is an applied research and development company involved in the design and development of micro- and miniaturised systems for industry and the creation of business based upon cutting edge technological innovation. One of its main development focuses is in wireless technologies and real time software and protocols. It has 250 employees (mainly engineers and scientists) on three sites (Neuchâtel, Zurich and Alpnach in Switzerland). CSEM participated in the main EU projects in the domain of UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System): FRAMES, RAINBOW and FIRST (ACTS Program).

CSEM participates also to the SLATS, TRUST and SCOUTS European Commission projects on reconfigurable radio. It participated also in the Infogate ESPRIT project and the OpenRouter IST take-up action that both define a multimode residential highway.

Finally, CSEM contributes in the PRODEMIS project (IST) that has as an objective the technology watch and dissemination in the field of wireless communications.


Intracom SA

Founded in1977, INTRACOM is the largest manufacturer of telecommunication equipment and information systems in Greece. In 1990, the company was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and, by accelerating growth, established a strategic position within the European market. In cooperation with its subsidiaries and affiliates the company provides products and services to the Greek public and private sectors, while developing a significant international presence in more than 40 countries.

 The company participates in national and European Research and Development programs  such as ESPRIT, ACTS, Telematics Applications and IST, leading various projects like ARCHEOTOOL, HyNODE, COSMOS, DiVAN, PISTE, iMedia and LoVEUS. It collaborates with the leading Greek companies in service provision and network operation, as well as with organizations offering multimedia content. INTRACOM participates in various National and European Forums, including the European Technological Standards (ETSI), the European Association of Industries (UNICE), the Association of Greek Industries, the ATM Forum, UMTS Forum, TV – Anytime and is actively following the MPEG efforts.

EPSILON Consulting Ltd


Epsilon Consulting Ltd was founded in 1997 and specializes in technical studies, research and development, and the provision of consulting and training services in water resources and engineering, environment, surveying and topography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), etc. EPSILON provides high quality services in Cyprus, Greece, and internationally. It has designed, implemented and evaluated several software packages and consulting projects for various governments and international bodies. Its clients include the governments of Cyprus and Greece, the private sector in Cyprus and Greece, the European Commission, and international organizations and corporations. EPSILON performs technical and scientific studies, and offers consulting services primarily in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing Technologies, Training and technology transfer, Surveying, Map-Making, Topography, Environmental Resources, Water Resources, Hydraulic Engineering, Urban planning, Energy and Telecommunications.


Telefonica  I+D 


TELEFONICA  I+D (TID) is the research and development branch of Grupo Telefonica, mainly based in Spain. Its activities deal with the definition and creation of new products and services that give the operator a difference with the concurrence. These innovative activities are addressed to a large variety of technical fields within Group Telefonica, such as data communication, intelligent network, speech technology or communication resource management.



 Epsilon  SA specialises in the preparation, management and delivery of consultancy, technology development, research projects and products in the GIS and Remote Sensing technologies sectors. EPSILON is an engineering, sciences, research and management consulting company established in 1985 on an international basis. It provides services to governments, semi-governmental institutions, industry and international organisations in the sectors of the Geographic Information Systems, Navigational technologies, Business modelling, Environment, Information Society Technologies, and other related fields. EPSILON activities are supported by fully equipped facilities with an advanced computer centre for GIS applications, RS image processing, and mathematical environmental modelling. EPSILON maintains a high level of expertise and qualified personnel educated in international environments. EPSILON is supporting quality efforts via European Commission funded competitive original research in the sectors of environment, GIS and Remote Sensing, public administration, citizens’ support, telematic applications, and training. The company has accomplished more than forty contracts under the 4th EU and EC funding framework programmes as ACE, AVICENNE, AIM, DELTA, DOSIS, DRIVE, ENS, Environment & Climate, ESPRIT, ESSI, IMPACT, INCO, LIBRA, LIFE, MEDSPA, ORA, RACE, STAR, TACIS, TELEMATIQUE, TIDE, TURA, and many other. Most of the projects are in the GIS and environmental technologies sectors.